Will Holidays Be Affected By Brexit? Things You need to Know

Brexit has dominated the news over the last few months and we are now asking questions like will holidays be affected by Brexit?

brexit travel

Regardless what happens, the EU has stated that flights will carry on as normal for 2019 and even in to early 2020.

For those looking to book an all inclusive holiday in 2019, everything will stay the same.

Te possible worst outcome if any major developments happen is that you would get your money back on your package holiday deal.

The possible outcome of holidays affected by Brexit is that in or around 2021 you would need a visa to travel into Europe.

These visa to Europe are being quoted at 6.00 which will be able to be completed online and could last a 3 year term.

The main reason for the visa is due to border control and where we have been able to move freely, leaving Europe now requires additional screening.

At the moment for those looking to see how holidays will be affected by Brexit, nothing will change this year.

In some cases with people being unsure this could lead to even cheaper holiday prices.

As always be sure to make sure your current travel documents are up to date with a minimum of 3 months left on your passport.

Most of all, enjoy your holiday, leave the worrying about Brexit till next year and by late 2019 we will have further information ready for 2020.

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