Very Cheap All Inclusive 😍Destinations For 2019🏝

Cheapest All Inclusive Destinations For 2019

Summers are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends. Holidays don’t have to be expensive. When you plan your summer holidays this year, there are many destinations offering lucrative all-inclusive plans. Travellers are becoming smarter, and now realise the benefits and convenience of all-inclusive holiday packages.

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed in a completely relaxed setting. All-inclusive holidays give you exactly that. It is not just great value for money, you are able to enjoy a stress-free vacation from your busy life. It also saves you time and access luxury at affordable prices. There are so many cheap all-inclusive destination offers available for 2019, you should give some thought before making the right choice.

1. Bodrum in Turkey

Cheapest All Inclusive Destinations For 2019

A port city, located along the pristine blue Aegean, Bodrum has become one of the favourite holiday destinations for the Brits. In addition to offering all the beautiful resorts and attractions, ample all-inclusive offers make it so popular. Imagine getting the opportunity to explore so much in an affordable holiday package:

  • The city is home to one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World – Mausoleum of Mausolus.
  • Bodrum Castle, built by the Knights Hospitaller, towering above the marina and harbour.
  • Features several stunning beaches including Bitez, Akyarlar, and Gumbet.
Cheapest All Inclusive Destinations For 2019

2. Magaluf in Majorca

Majorca is an once-in-a-lifetime, must-visit place for everyone. And with its all-inclusive holiday packages, things have become even simpler for holiday makers. When you plan your summer holidays to this magical island this year, make sure to spend it in Magaluf.

  • Known for its outstanding white sandy beach and lively nightlife, Magaluf draws most of its summer visitors from the UK.
  • Don’t forget a swim to the Isla de sa Porrassa or the Black Lizard Island known for its huge population of black lizards.
  • Affordable foods, drinks, and British-focused amenities make its all-inclusive packages even more appealing.

3. Agadir in Morocco

Agadir in Morocco

A summer holiday resort has to have beaches and an aura that makes you feel that you have all the time in the world to relax. Agadir offers you exactly that, almost taking you away into a world of fantasy, free from all the worries of the real-world. With its all-inclusive holiday prices having fallen further, it is a great destination to take your friends and family.

Its elegant location makes it a great attraction – with the Atlas Mountains on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. And if that isn’t miraculous, there is the Sus River flowing into the ocean to the north.

Agadir in Morocco

4. Lloret de Mar in Spain

Lloret de Mar in Spain

Spain offers one of the cheapest all-inclusive holiday destinations you can find this year. In fact, the prices have fallen even more than last year for Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava. Whether you want to spend your days relaxing on the Blue Flag-award winning beach or atop the hilltop castle that provides spectacular views of the region, there are many opportunities for enjoying your holidays here.

There are tons of cultural and historical sites at the destination that allow you to take home some great memories:

  • ·Castle of Sant Joan: Dating back to the Medieval era, this castle gives you a glimpse into Spain’s effort to defend itself against England over the centuries.
  • ·Santa Clotilde Gardens: A must-visit garden, perched atop a cliff, it has Italian Renaissance style all over it. It is a great place to spend with your family.
  • ·Church of Sant Roma: Featuring astonishing Catalan Gothic architecture, this church from the 16th century showcases a touch of history from the Byzantine, Renaissance, Moorish, and many other eras.
Lloret de Mar in Spain

5. Malia in Greece

Malia in Greece Cheap Holidays

When it comes to summer holidays, the blue waters of Greece cannot be ignored. Malia on the Greek island of Create offers a combination of everything for the perfect summer holiday in affordable all-inclusive packages.

  • The Bay of Malia offers beautiful beaches along the pristine blue waters of the Aegean.
  • The vivid nightlife and the beautiful archaeological sites draw a lot of Malia’s tourists.
  • Malia’s history goes back to the Middle Bronze Age, with the ruins of its palace standing as testimony.
Malia in Greece Cheap Holidays

The coastal town offers even more affordable all-inclusive holiday prices than last year. The destination also has a reputation for offering quieter holidays to its visitors.

These are some of the hottest and cheapest all-inclusive holiday destinations for 2019. These are great value-for-money destinations whether you want to spend your time relaxing alongside the pool or on the beach or go out exploring the surroundings or engage in thrilling activities. Plan your summer holidays for these destinations and you will be saving enough for your next vacation. Whether you will be travelling single or with your family, these all-inclusive holiday prices should help you save big against traditional packages.

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