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Chasing for the perfect holiday deal online is the way to go, but it isn’t as easy at it seems. You need a trusted site to pick and provide you with the existing deals. Moreover, you need a reliable service and staff that will be there for you after you made the booking and even after the trip has come to an end. Few go to such extent to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The following comparison will focus on the two holiday deal sites that have been receiving excellent ratings from users and were also praised by various UK publications: Travel Republic and Travel Zoo.

TravelRepublic or TravelZoo.com: Where to Get Cheaper Holidays from?

TravelRepublic.Co.Uk lets you search for holidays, hotels, flights and transfers and it guarantees the lowest prices. It is a holiday deal finder with very simple search forms and able to compare thousands of deals added every day. The service acts as an agent but it never makes or sells packaged holidays.

travelrepublic-website uk

Is great for travellers who want to book each trip element independently and control the costs. The price of each item or service is independent of any other. You may book other products at the same time, but this won’t have an influence on the individual prices. Each of the products could be purchased from a different provider and that means that there is a separate contract for each of them. Thus, it values the customer’s right to choose and supports great power of choice.

There is an all-inclusive tab in the menu of the site, but don’t be tempted to think it refers to pre-packaged holidays. It actually means that people have access to all the needed elements to tailor their own package.


Payments through Travel Republic are protected by ATOL. However, this does not apply to every item listed on the site, therefore ATOL protection is selective. Users who are concerned with this aspect will find out whether protection applies or not simply by asking the staff prior to the booking.


Travelrepublic.co.uk allows for group bookings and sells tickets to world-famed attractions like amusement parks, theme parks, aqua parks and aquariums, race tracks and so on. It is also possible to book safaris, balloon rides, 4×4 drives, limousine rides etc. The system lets you manage your booking online.


The staff keeps adding new hotels but also allows its users to add them. If you happen to know a certain hotel that’s not on the list yet, you may add it to the database. Also, users are free to review any of these accordingly.


Travel Republic provides info on booking amendments or cancellations, on visas and passports, specialist assistance, payments, charges and everything of concern. Moreover, Travel Republic surprised and rewards its customers. If you post holiday reviews or complete a survey, you will enter competition and have a chance at winning a holiday.

Travel Zoo – Holiday Company Review

TravelZoo.Com/uk is a very popular website used for finding bargain holidays, but not only. It makes it easy to book and many have praised the impressive variation of offers. Moreover, the staff picks the holiday spots carefully, aiming to select only high quality services (catering, spa etc.). A welcome aspect is definitely the possibility to book what some would call ‘details’: afternoon teas, individual meals, meal deals etc., to create a wonderful custom-made holiday.  

travelzoo holidays

Winner of the 2014 British Travel Awards as the best travel deals provider, Travel Zoo is the type of service that can please every type of tourist. It is suitable for first-class experiences as well as for bargains and all sorts of incredible deals. Worldwide, TravelZoo is constantly publishing deals from more than 2,000 local businesses related to travel, food and entertainment.


The complaints directed to Travel Zoo were not focused on the actual site services, but on those of the airlines, hotels or catering staff. TravelZoo is doing its best trying to select reliable and satisfying services and providers, but may not always keep up with their changes or the drops in quality, which cannot be foreseen in some cases. Displeased customers or those who cancel can get refunds, but they will still have to go through the Travel Zoo site.


By knowing what to expect from these holiday deals websites, you will become aware of how to make their services work in your favour and thus get to put together the flights, the accommodation and any other elements you may need to create your best vacation.

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