Sports and Leisure in Algarve – Hiking, Diving, Golf, Kitesurfing, and More

Sports and Leisure in Algarve - Hiking, Diving, Golf, Kitesurfing, and More


The Algarve offers variety in sporting options for all those who would care to step outside the resort and stretch their limbs.

Water sports and golf are the most popular sporting and recreational activities in Algarve; horseback riding and tennis are also popular.

Football is the runaway favourite with the people of Portugal, and Algarve is no exception.

Some of the best fishing can be had in Portugal.

Tennis courts are present in most major hotels. Lovers of horseback riding  will find stables along the EN125. The many beaches of the Algarve offer all kinds of water sports, such as water skiing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing.

Algarve attracts amateur and professional golfers from all over the world. The beaches of Algarve are some of the most beautiful in the world, and its coastline, spread over 200 km, has something for everybody.

Golf in Algarve

Algarve weather is perfectly suited for golf. There are 35 golf clubs in Algarve. The 9- and 18-hole golf courses in this region are set amidst stunning scenery and are of varying levels of difficulty. There are holiday providers selling golf only packages.

Spring and autumn are the best months for golf. If you’re a golf lover then you may want to be here during those shoulder months when the weather is just right for golf at some of the most beautiful courses. The best golf courses in Algarve include the Monte Rei golf course, Dom Pedro Victoria golf course, and the Pinhal golf course.

Diving in Algarve


There are many dive centers and dive spots along the Algarve coast. You can learn diving at PADI dive centers – choose from Open Water diving for novices, advanced Nitrox courses, and Dive Master courses.

You can dive during the day and at night. The reefs, caves, underwater forests, and different varieties of fish and marine life make Portugal one of the best diving destinations in the world, and it is a pocket-friendly activity compared to other diving spots in Europe.

Arrifes is a great spot for beginner divers. Alagada and Baixa Broeiro attract all kinds of divers with their beautiful beaches and superb underwater scenery.

Windsurfing in Algarve


Some of the best windsurfing spots along Europe’s Atlantic coast can be found in Algarve. Windsurfers look forward to harness the Nortada, the North Wind that can touch speeds of up to 30 knots.

Meia Praia is a favorite with windsurfers. The 2 km stretch is safe even for beginners. Along the west coast, you can expect strong winds and this is where the skilled surfers head to for their kicks.

The area between Faro and Lagos is ideal for recreational windsurfers. The beach at Martinhal at Sagres is where you can learn windsurfing from experts at the international Windsurf Center.

Hiking in Algarve


Algarve is known for some fantastic hiking trails, and these trails are popular with holidayers who happen to be in the region during spring and autumn.

You can set out on your own or join a hiking group. There are hiking tours on offer that let you explore the villages and hills of Algarve on foot.

The Telheiro Beach Trail, Castelejo Trail, the Pontal da Carrapateira Trail, and the Bordeira Hiking Trail are among the popular ones. These trails take you through narrow valleys, forests, hills, along estuaries, and verdant nature…away from the touristy Algarve. Faro, Silves, and Monchique are good starting points for some beautiful treks.

Kitesurfing in Algarve


Kitesurfing, which is essentially windsurfing with a kite, is a relatively new activity and one that really lets you soar with nature.

Lagos is at the heart of Algarve’s kitesurfing scene. Meia Praia, the lagoon Ria do Alvor at the end of this beach, and the waves along the west coast are kitesurfing spots in the Algarve. Learn and practice foil kiteboarding, strapless kitesurfing, and more.

Sailing in Algarve


Algarve offers many sailing routes and the marina in Albufeira is a beautiful one. You can join sailing charters for popular routes.

Vilamoura is another place to be if you’ve got sailing on your mind. Sailing along the coast lets you get wonderful views of the rocks, caves, and beaches along this wonderful Atlantic coast.

Sail along the west coast to enjoy the strong winds, and go round the impressive Cape San Vincent. Towards the east, you can sail to Burgau, enjoying the rough coastline there, and move towards Luz.

Sports and Leisure in Algarve - Hiking, Diving, Golf, Kitesurfing, and More

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