If you have waited till very last minute to book your October half-term holiday, you are not alone. Thousands of holidays booked very late every year in the UK. Often, in very last day as “holiday leaving tomorrow”.

We Recommend booking your family holiday well in advance to avoid the missing out on best hotel rooms and flight Deals for 2019

cancellation holidays half-term

Bargain or missing out?

Travel companies aim to sell their holiday packages as early as possible. This means lots of early-bird campaigns and sales. But what happens if some of the bookings cancelled very close to the departure date?

Obviously, holiday websites would try to sell those already-paid holidays at very last minute and could be cheaper than buying it few weeks ago.

People sometimes leave the holiday planning late and in some cases you would not go away for holiday but change your mind. Searches for holidays peak about two to three weeks before the main school holidays.

Enjoy Exclusive Destinations Availing Cheap Cancellation Holidays

Cancellation holidays are a great option for you if you are smart enough to manage a last minute holiday package. You don’t have to worry about your itinerary but you have to get your family together minutes before the flight to your dream destination takes off. If time management is your thing and if you want saving money, then you should definitely try for cancellation holidays. You can choose from a range of exotic to quite cheap destinations. Be it a trip on the Caribbean cruise or a bed and breakfast at an English Inn in Scotland, you can avail these cancellation holiday deals for a cheap holiday for Brits.

3 Popular Cancellation Holiday Destinations for the Brits

Some of the popular cancellation holiday destinations are listed as follows.

Ibiza, Spain

The old Spanish term stands for “party till you drop”. Spare a day in Es Vedra that boasts of its energy and a magnificent view. Hire a boat and swim all around and dive; there is nothing like it. To catch a glimpse of Ibiza’s culture visit the old town, designated to UNESCO. If you want peace and quiet, visit the Cala Comte beach with a large number of restaurants and a spectacular sunrise and sunset. Adrenaline junkies can visit the Kentucky Derby, Ibiza Express Santa Eularia, and the blade runner among other adventure sports offered on the beach.

Greece Getaway

santorini last minute greece

If history was your favourite subject and if enjoy a laid back lifestyle, select a cancellation holiday in Greece and enjoy what its serene and vibrant environment has to offer. Spring is the best time to visit with a wide range to flowers blooming and beautifying Greece. Explore the picturesque Halkidiki and go for a tour of the vineyard. Experience a romantic boat ride, go canoeing or for horse riding around Lake Kerkini and watch pelicans build nest. Visit the environment museum of Stymphalia or go for a hike in the Pindus National Park- Valia Calda or for mountaineering on Olympus. Don’t forget to visit the Milos Island, which is picturesque with its blue sea and white sand. Stay for the Athens Epidaurus Festival and make it a point to know all about Greek Mythology before you leave.

Caribbean Islands


The Caribbean islands are as exotic a travel destination can get. Go for a tour of the cities in any of the islands you are staying. Take a walking tour around the historical cities of San Juan and Puerto Rico. Have a good travel guide who will share the stories of the place with you. If you are interested in aquatic activities, swim with the sting rays under the supervision of expert guidance or go for white water rafting in the Rio Bueno River in Jamaica. Try out ziplining Loterie Farm at Pic Paradis and hike around the lush green forests of St. Lucia. Choose from going snorkelling in Antilla Shipwreck in Aruba or go for a shopping excursion in St. Thomas. Enjoy duty free shopping like never before. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife and hop around beach parties. And don’t forget to get a tan from the Bahamas before leaving.

Though these holidays are quite expensive, but cancellation holidays will enable you to experience these exotic locales at almost half the cost.

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