Best Winter Sun Holidays for the Brits – 65% off Sales!

The Best Sunny Winter Holidays for the British

The cold days tend to be so miserable here in the UK and we all start to feel that on a constant basis until we finally get to a warmer season. You can wake up here in a grey morning but hours later find yourself on a hot sunny beach. That is, of course, if you booked yourself a nice holiday. 

If you come to think of it, having a sunny vacation in winter could be a lot better than the usual summer break. After all, the summers are nice enough here as well. It’s winter the problem. If you are concerned with the 2014/2015 cold season, we are ready to reveal the top destinations for your hot winter break:

Egypt Holidays in Winter

winter sun in Egypt

If you fancy combining a beach break, with all the comforts of luxury resorts and spas, with a fascinating cultural experience, Egypt is a most accessible and suitable place to be. Karnak, Luxor, Cairo, the Nile and the Red Sea are the country’s best attractions. You can opt for a sojourn, a tour or a short break. 

Dubai Winter Sun and Hot Beaches

Dubai is more than blinding luxury. It may seem too far away, but it’s not exhausting to get there. The flight takes only about 7 hours. The transfer is trouble-free and this part of the Middle East is definitely peaceful and welcoming. Dubai has got white sand beaches lined by top-notch hotels, most of them having excellent facilities for the entire family. 

Florida and the Caribbean

Flying over the pond is a common thing for many of the British people. During winter, Florida and the surrounding islands have a mild, lovely climate. You may go straight to Jamaica and Antigua if you wish. Florida is very good for couples and has a funky, modern vibe. 

Tenerife Holidays in the Sun

Tenerife Winter Sun

A haven for all the northern nations, Tenerife is an overwhelmingly popular travel destination. One of the main reasons is that it’s easily accessible. However, it is a place spacious enough to accommodate all visitors and provide them with privacy and peace. One may choose any kind of accommodation, the whole range is available here.

Kenya Winter Breaks

African destinations surely have a feel of adventure to them. Kenya may make you think of safaris, but it also has some stunning beaches to boast with. As for getting there, it’s a rather short flight. You can take the entire family with you, it’s a friendly place for everyone. 

The Indian Ocean Islands


Islands in the Indian Ocean, like Mauritius or The Maldives, awaken wonderful dreams. These offer heavenly spots for swimmers and sunbathers. Moreover, tourists can pick a cosy self-catering villa to stay in. The freedom and privacy are excellent. The many romantic hideaways also make these islands ideal for a honeymoon. 

The good news about these sunny winter destinations is that the packages often come with bargain prices. This is a huge advantage of booking outside the high season. There is much more to find out about these winter destinations and there are plenty more options than the ones presented here. Consult with your travel agent to find out more. 

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